How to claim your listing

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  1. Search your business name on the home page search bar.

2. When you find your listing, and open your listing page, you will see “ Claim now” on the right hand side. Note: If you cannot find your listing, create a new listing or contact

3. Click “ Claim now” and a claim form will pop up. Enter your name, business email, phone number and Cochrane business license number. If you do not have your business license number, you can contact Finally, enter an email address to create your account (this is where your user name and password will be sent). Click the “ Claim Your Business Now!” button to submit your claim.

4. You will receive an email with your profile user name and password. Use this information to sign in at the top right of the home page. Note: Cochrane Business Development will need to validate your listing before any edits to your listing can be made.

5. Once signed in, you will be directed to your user dashboard. Find “Listings” on the left sidebar.

6. Choose the listing you would like to edit, click the three dots on the right side of the listing name and select “Edit”.

7. Here you will see the listing details. You can add and edit all of your business information include the address, phone number, website, social media accounts, hours of operations and more. Add your logo and some gallery images. Save your listing. Note: it may take a minute or two to upload your photos.

8. Now you can view or further edit your listing!