About Us

Local company specializing in graphic arts, web design, logo creation, real estate services, and even drone work. Video editing, 3D modeling, and much more!

Blue Pixel Media specialized in all aspects of visual communications. We love graphics and media projects! You will be amazed at the types of things we can capture using RPAs. From events, promotions – even digital mapping and 3D modeling – there are thousands of uses for expert drone pilots. If you pardon the pun, the sky is the limit!

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About Me

I am a marketing, design, and IT professional with a unique blend of exceptional
creativity and detail-oriented technical skills. I have developed a well-rounded
portfolio with successes in graphics, web development, and content creation.
My marketing and design background includes the development of logos,
business cards, signage, videography, photography, virtual tours, brochures,
and websites.

I have a great eye for beauty, form, and function with a passion for all types of
visual communications. I pride myself on my strong work ethic and dedication to
each project, ensuring I deliver a premium product that goes above and beyond
my clients’ expectations.