Route 22 Artists Collective Gallery is a volunteer-based project developed and operated by many devoted and passionate artists in the Cochrane and area community and we are very proud of what we have created.
The Vision of the Artist Collective gallery is to build a rich, collaborative artistic community that enhances the social fabric of our community.
We aim to elevate the arts presence in our community and to operate a year-round, high level, dynamic multi-discipline gallery that encompasses and showcases the incredible diversity and talent of our local visual artists. 
CIAS (Cochrane Integrated Arts Society) is the non-profit organization under which our gallery project operates.  The Board of CIAS, The Artist Collective Working Committee, and our Gallery Director, Lara Kruger, all work together to ensure that we have a successful, vibrant gallery and a committed membership base. 
Our main gallery space is a juried, rotating exhibition of 10 Р30 artists at any given time, with work on display for sale. There is also a gallery gift shop where smaller items, prints and cards by our artists are showcased and sold. The gallery is staffed by our member volunteers who committ to a minimum number of hours in the gallery each month. This allows us to keep a very low commission rate for our artists, and keeps our operating costs sustainable.